wh072 Guy David – Water Wind

Guy David - Water Wind

“Water Wind” is a long-form expedition in abstract beats and textures, cutting across several subgenres of experimental electronica, including IDM, electroacoustic, d-n-b, glitch and ambient. Ever shifting and mutating, this composition keeps the attention riveted from beginning to end.

Guy David is a digital artist and musician living in Israel with his wife and son.

“I play an impossible blend of Drum’n’Bass, Ambient, Techno and IDM. My interest in writing music lies in breaking time, distorting it and rearranging it. I’m currently working on a technique I call Voice Deconstruction. Basically, what I do is this – I break the recorded voice into small fragments, then I rearrange it into new patterns.”
–Guy David

About the production:

Recorded and mixed by Guy David
Summer 2005
Length: 00:56:53
Cover image by Guy David.
Visit http://www.guydavid.com/

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