Wh114 The Nature of Light – Atropos

The Nature of Light

Shimmering, dark, haunted and textural, these guitar-centered soundscapes expertly straddle the zone between abstract ambience and melody.

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From the artist:

“Atropos has been in the works for some time. The album was originally never going to be released. We then decided under a different moniker… but scratched that and decided to release it under The Nature of Light. This album is the culmination of absolute and pure experimentation and many instanced of the recording are of questionable perfection. The ENTIRE album was created from three organic stringed instruments. Coupled with creative and exotic useage of effects.

The entire album was recorded with a Yamaha Bass, a Gibson Les Paul Custom and a Fender Standard American Strat. ALL of the sounds were birthed from playing, hitting, screaming into the pickups, touching the output jack and other various methods of coercing sound. All of the sounds started life as an organic and analog source.

We are all fascinated with effects and how to use them unconventionally… so we fused the two worlds of organic and electronic and this is the result. An album composed of dark, brittle and destructed textures… from the warmth of the real.

You will hear passages of darkness, of beauty… Some that are cold and some that are soothing. Some will be epic, while others simple. Some of the audio does not sound like it could have ever been guitar… but we assure, that at some point in their life… they were.

We hope you enjoy listening to this.

–Logos Ethos Pathos

01 A Familiar Wasteland
02 Traveling to the Vortex
03 Theory of Evasion
04 Melting Point
05 Resolving the Algorithm
06 Judgement

Recorded and produced by: The Nature of Light
Mastered by: Robert Terwilliger @ KGB
Date: From Early 2008 to 2009
Recorded at: The Cabin

Official Website: tnol.metafex.net
Official Myspace: myspace.com/thenatureoflight

Cover photo kindly provided by: cdubphotography

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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  1. I enjoyed this album very much. It’s an interesting blend of guitar and ambient music. My thanks to the artist for deciding to release this to the public!

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