wh278 Saluki Regicide – Beneath the Cobblestones is a Beach

Saluki Regicide

Remastered, and in some instances remixed, this “best of” collection by Saluki Regicide revisits important moments in the sound art of C.P. McDill.

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options (flac & mp3 available).

About the album:
“Saluki Regicide is one of my oldest recording projects. One in which I attempt to create dark and eerie, yet abstract, atmospheres with heavily processed sounds and samples. Loops of exotic instrumentation and snippets of voice from vintage sources are characteristic motifs.

In its entire span, the recordings of this project have been released only as downloadable netlabel releases, primarily here on Webbed Hand. In the early years of this scene, it was customary for albums to be shared at lower bitrate lossy formats, indeed as low as 128kbps mp3. There were many people still accessing the web with dial-up modems, and broadband home connections were only just starting to spread. Thus much of the discography of Saluki Regicide was only available at low bitrates.

This collection brings back a selection of past Saluki Regicide recordings in freshly remastered high quality, coaxing forth nuances that may have been missed the first time around. A few of the tracks were even remixed, to correct minor issues in the arrangement that with my more experienced ears I see now as weaknesses.

I’m still quite fond of the entire oeuvre of Saluki Regicide, and I hope this anthology will renew interest in past listeners and introduce new people to the sounds.”
–C.P. McDill

Note: there is strong bass present in some of these tracks. If listening on speakers, it’s recommended that you have a subwoofer, otherwise some of the effect may be lost.

Recorded and Produced by C.P. McDill

01 Snow in the Library [05:44]
02 The Owl and the Pussycat [04:48]
03 Stinging Nettle [03:04]
04 Coach and Six [03:30]
05 Boogies and Ghosts [04:56]
06 Astrolabe [05:46]
07 Spread a Little Happiness [04:23]
08 Thing of Dream [05:22]
09 The Clasp and Medal [05:19]
10 I Hope You Understand [04:20]
11 The Mooring Mast [04:12]
12 What Plan? [08:02]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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