wh289 Grove of Whispers – One Minute Drone

John Tocher

Grove of Whisper’s richly textured drones reworked into minute-long pieces to play in order or shuffled.

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About the album:

One Minute Drone came out the idea of trying things that other people don’t. I had seen someone asking about making drone music and people saying something like “well the first thing you got to understand about drone music is they are going to be long.” I thought when I seen that “aha, there’s an assumption everyone makes, I’ll see what happens when I do the opposite.”

Being lazy and busy I thought what I would do was to write some programs –I’m always keen to write some programs. So, this is all computer generated… I ran the Grove of Whispers archive through a script that cut everything into 60 second segments, adding fade-ins and fade-outs, to make tracks that were exactly 60 seconds long. The resulting tracks were randomized into collections of 60 tracks of 60 seconds each. One of these was selected at random for release.

An hour of drones that can be played at random. Played in order they are already played at random.

The titles are all generated via another program that did a kind of Dadaist cut-up technique. The results were then further massaged to add or remove nonsense. The idea I had was that the titles would be longer than the piece of music that each was attached to.

I had done this several months back and had thought to rearrange or cull the tracks that don’t fit. But then I realized that this went against the idea (conceit) of having it as machine generated as possible.

When I listened to the result I thought “well that didn’t work at all.” But listening again several months later I feel it’s not half bad and at least an interesting experiment.

A kind of greatest hits collection of early Grove of Whispers drone music. Except that it’s curated by the hand of God. Like all Grove of Whispers really, but that’s a story for another day. Or not. — John Tocher

Grove of Whispers is John Tocher. John does the Sadayatana podcast and plays live several nights a week on Stillstream. He also releases dark and experimental music at Buddhist on Fire.

Thanks to all the folks at stillstream.com and electro-music.com for their inspiration and support.

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Track List:
01 Ford The Ocean (01:00)
02 Careful Who You’re Calling Slow, Home Boy (01:00)
03 I’M Supposed To Go To Go To Go (01:00)
04 Superheros Have Gone Downhill Recently (01:00)
05 Oh So Sensitive Metal (01:00)
06 Gonna Tell My Parents (01:00)
07 What A Wonderful Place (01:00)
08 Asking For The Time (01:00)
09 A Reversed Contradicting Anagram (01:00)
10 Will Trade You Figs For Your Mercedes (01:00)
11 Vegetarians Are Probably Kosher (01:00)
12 A Lower Collective Intelligence (01:00)
13 Just Aint Ever Going Back To Being Fluffy Anytime Soon (01:00)
14 A Better Body, And Clearer Skin (01:00)
15 With Your Sheep (01:00)
16 She Gives Me Plants (01:00)
17 A Man With Dark Skin (01:00)
18 To The Parking Lot In My Bathrobe (01:00)
19 Those Damn Neighbors (01:00)
20 I Submit My Prayers Via HTML Forms (01:00)
21 Who Cares About Albany? (01:00)
22 A Big Thick Detailed Atlas Of Mars (01:00)
23 Spooning With My Dog (01:00)
24 Why She Gave Me A Dirty Look (01:00)
25 Sperm Whales Do The Most Intelligent Things (01:00)
26 Might Be Considered Polite Conversation (01:00)
27 The Flight Attendant Was Saying (01:00)
28 The Jagged Edge Of A Polygon (01:00)
29 Funniest Thing To See (01:00)
30 All My Nose Today (01:00)
31 If You Smell Burning (01:00)
32 The Problem With The Problem (01:00)
33 A Whole Different Meaning In Jail (01:00)
34 My Favorite Animal Is The Scapegoat (01:00)
35 I Always Have Fun When Phosphorus Is Involved (01:00)
36 Scared In Legoland (01:00)
37 Baskets Of Chocolate (01:00)
38 That Didn’t Sound Right (01:00)
39 As Long As Long As Long (01:00)
40 When You’re Completely Naked Making An Odd Moment (01:00)
41 The Average Male (01:00)
42 Can’t Scratch It (01:00)
43 It’s Your Fault For Confusing Me (01:00)
44 Someone Who Cares (01:00)
45 Why People With Sisters Cant Say They’re Hot (01:00)
46 No Strings Attached (01:00)
47 You Can Always Tell When (01:00)
48 A Dream Of Mine I Invented This Incredible (01:00)
49 Anyone Got A Toilet (01:00)
50 A Laptop On Her Doggie Style (01:00)
51 Australian Girls (01:00)
52 Night Of Drunken Stupor (01:00)
53 Like You Could Be (01:00)
54 Overcharged Today (01:00)
55 See That Your Utopia Is More Of A Blackrose (01:00)
56 What Was God Thinking When He Made My Ass Sweat? (01:00)
57 I Had This Really Weird Dream (01:00)
58 The Brain That Way (01:00)
59 An Infinite Number Of Monkeys (01:00)
60 Problem With The Truth (01:00)

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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